Ground Beef and Tots

Ground Beef and Tots


1lb ground beef

At least 20 tots we used good and gather broccoli veggie tots

1tsp Kustom spices hatch spice

1/2 TBS Kustom Spices Kajun Spice

Kustom Spices original Hot Sauce

1 cup mixed Mexican cheese


Candied jalapeños

Sour cream



Preheat oven and follow the directions for your tots and cook through.

While they cook start browning your ground beef.

Once browned drain if necessary

Add 1/4 cup water.

Add your Hatch and Kajun spices and mix around.

Let cook until water is gone.

Heat your cast iron skillet add a little oil.

Take out your tots we tossed them in our original hot sauce but that is up to you.

Then place on the bottom of the skillet.

Then add your ground beef on top drizzle with hot sauce on ground beef.

Add your cheese and cover.

If you are using candied jalapeños, I put some of the juice in the skillet.

Wait for cheese to melt top with candied jalapeños sour cream more hot sauce and serve!

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