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We are a family owned business, after we discovered our sons anaphylactic food allergies we had to do so much research on foods. There are so many foods with hidden allergens that people don’t know about, spices being one of them. We started this company so not only our child could have allergen free spices, but...

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Kustom Spices produces whole food spices. There are no additives, preservatives, fillers, soy, gluten, dairy or msg in any of our products.

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freshness and variety

spices are 100% vegan

Happy Customers

“I felt compelled to compliment the freshness of your spices. I don’t think I’ve ever smelled such fragrance when opening a package of them.”


“I love the uniqueness of your spice blends! Looking forward to using them in many dishes this spring and summer! i would recommended them.“


“I have tried couple of spices that I purchased and they bring a delightful accent to the food. Vibrant colors and flavors and Well packaged.“